D.L. Gardner

Selected Works

Fantasy Dystopia
Teenagers fight for survival when a food altering corporation takes over the government and it's populace.
Fiction Comedic Fantasy
A dysfunctional vampire family attempts to solve a murder mystery.
Fiction: Adventure and Historical Fantasy
Teens enlist the Fae to win a war in Ireland.
A teenager time-travels to a 1908 war zone, joins the rebellion but falls in love with the prince.
Fiction: Urban Fantasy
The plight of sea life as seen through the eyes of a mermaid.

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“The sea is a cradle of mystery.”

So begins the prose set to a haunting melody in Pouraka's book trailer. “Entities shielding one another, caring for one another, so that those things which are sacred are not violated by strangers.”

Mankind's science has unraveled obscurities in our world, traveling through outer space as easily as he explores molecules. Yet the ocean remains vague, a pounding mass whose greatness has been unexplored in comparison.

Creatures similar to the human species, mammals that give birth to young and grow hair, live in the deepest abyss of the sea. Yet we treat them as strangers, aliens that we know little about and in many respects, treat as lesser than ourselves. Abuse even.

They congregate as colonies, in schools and pods caring for one another, defending each other. Studies show that they speak to each other and surely in the case of spinner dolphins, they dance with each other. Their delight is in freedom and I can't help but wonder if the very essence of their being intimidates mankind.

If mermaids and mermen did live in the deepest waters, what would they think about men? Having lived side by side with dolphins, orcas, gray whales, and the multitude of species that call the reefs their home, the currents their roads, the ocean floor their cradle, how would they view the intrusion of humans?